A Journey (Pax U!)

A Journey (Pax U!)

Where am I headed? I'd been given an invitation to a gathering of storytellers, fellow artists and alchemists down in the city of Brosluv. I haven't gone to any gathering like this before, and I'm pretty dang excited. I don't quite know what to expect, so I've made dozens and dozens of small sample candles to hand out. WHen I say dozens I'm not kidding. It took me and Roxy to close my case - luckily I had Arcane Lock prepared, so that helped. It's heavy, though. So damned heavy that it took ten unseen servants to load it on top of the wagon. I'm kidding, of course - but I really did have to fey step up there with it. There's no way I could have lifted it. Have you seen me? I'm not made for heavy lifting.

Oh, I know I'm rambling, but that's me when I'm nervous. There's going to be so many established names there, so many talented people, and I'm just a little guy starting out. Oh, I don't doubt that my goods are high quality, and I'm excited to hand them out and to talk about the Emporium, but still... nerves.

We still have hours to go on this wagon ride and many stops to make. We're pulling in to Grand City now, the Central Station lit with dozens of ever burning magic lanterns. I'm going to try to close my eyes and rest a bit, though I don't know if my nerves will let me. So much excitement for the next few days!

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