Our Backstory

What IS Packpizzle's Emporium? Packpizzle's is the outcome of an idea we had - 'what if a classic D&D shop was magically transported into our world?' With this in mind, we made a character - Pylonius Packpizzle, a gnomish artificer/wizard who has retired and opened up a shop in the bustling coastal town of Porto Luz. Packpizzle's is built around him and his adventures.

In the real world, we make TTRPG inspired goods - candles, soaps and more, all inspired by our love of D&D and other TTRPGs. We have over 10 years of experience as professional makers, and are over the moon at the idea of combining our love of gaming with our passion for making. Our goal is to add some magic to your day and immerse you in the stories you and your friends create around a gaming table. RPGs are a form of shared storytelling and we want to help you tell your tales.

Pylonius Packpizzle; Proprietor

Born and raised in the small village of Sodde, much of Py's childhood was spent in his mother's workshop, helping with crafting concoctions and remedies to aid their friends and neighbors. When he was in his early 30's he and his best friend Ember at Night left in search of adventure, traveling the world of Arkady with a group that called themselves Whitt's End. He eventually moved to the coastal town of Porto Luz, where he opened up the emporium.

He's excited to help his new friends and neighbors the way his mother did.
(Character portrait by DCyann)

Roxy; Shop Spirit Familiar

Years ago, on a wild adventure in the fey wilds, Whitt's End found a trapped fox in a clearing. Py went to free it only to find out the fox was bait, set by a devious tribe of Hobgoblins. After a pitched battle, Whitt's End emerged victorious, with help from the strange fox. It turns out the creature was a fey spirit, and she bonded to Py.

In the years since, Roxy has become Py's constant companion. In the store, she darts in and out, often seen peeking out from behind the stocked shelves. She is clever and helpful, eager to greet customers new and old.
(Character portrait by Artcher)

Behind the GM Screen

The IRL crew behind the scenes at Packpizzles.

Gates Councilor; Founder

As a child of the 70's and 80's, I played 1st edition D&D with friends around our dining room tables, pencils & graph paper in hand. I drifted away from the game in high school, but a friend reintroduced me to it via NADDPOD shortly before the pandemic. It was like running into a old friend, and I dove back into the game.

In those in between years I was a computer artist, motion graphics director for films & commercials, and for almost 10 years owned & operated a successful men's grooming product company. I spent years working with scents, making unique combinations that are outside the box. I'm taking the skills that I learned there and combining them with my passion for RPGs to start Packpizzle's - it's the best of both worlds.

I'm excited to help you tell your tales!

Roxy, Velma, and Lola; Spokesdogs

Roxy was our 11 year old girl who passed away due to lymphoma as we were in the middle of getting Packpizzle's ready to launch. We chose to immortalize the sweetest pup we'd ever had by making her our shop familiar, so her spirit is always with us.

Velma is our two year old girl, and easily the most talkative dog we've ever had. She'll carry on full conversations with you. She loves car rides and walking the borough we live in - she thinks she's running for mayor, so has to greet everyone she passes.

Lola is our newest family member. Once Roxy passed, we knew that Velma needed a sister, and when we saw a posting for Lola, we couldn't resist. Still a wild child, she's already a well loved member of the family.