Candle and Shop Progress

Candle and Shop Progress

... The streets of Porto Luz buzz with activity at this time of year. The days are warm, bordering on hot, but the cool air off the ocean means the nights are comfortable. Couples walk the streets hand in hand, and in the central plaza a small band plays to dozens of onlookers.

On the corner of Water Street and Union Street, Py Packpizzle's shop windows are covered over with paper. People try to peer in, to no avail. But there is banging and hammering sounds all day long, and at night flickering lights in all the colors of the rainbow can be seen. And the scents! Exotic flowers, rich spices, and even the scent of the fey wilds drift on the air, and they draw people in, led by their noses...

 Meanwhile, behind the screen

It's been a hectic few weeks. I'm trying hard not to overthink, not to let my perfectionism get in the way. A ton of progress has been made - the scents are nailed down, the labels are printed, and I've found some things that I can use to add a special touch to the  8 ounce candles. It's down to the final details, and I should have them nailed down in the coming days. I don't want to give the surprise away yet, but I've worked out something I think is pretty damned cool for the larger candles, since they're the ones in the glass containers.

And now it's onto the more technical matters - the website, business cards, customer cards, etc... there's about a million little things to consider, and most of these have costs associated with them too. A word to the wise - you can start up an online shop spending very little money, but it's not easy. If you want to do it right? Everything costs.

A portrait of Pylonius Packpizzle, shop owner. A retired gnomish adventurer, he's got several pairs of glasses on his head, a bushy mustache, and a mischievous smile. But some of those costs are worth it. I paid an incredibly talented artist (Diego Lopez, @DCyan most everywhere) for a portrait of Py, and it was probably some of the best money I've spent. 
I mean, look at this guy - how can you not know exactly what the vibe of the store is by looking at him?

I'm also paying a separate artist for 3 drawings of Roxy, his fox spirit familiar. I have a bunch of ideas for how I'll use these - on the back of our business cards and sprinkled throughout the web site. 

While we're on the subject, let's talk about AI art? As someone who has a degree in painting and a masters in animation? AI art is the dystopian future that we need to fight against as hard as possible. It's become clear that WotC's new book, Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants is using AI art in the book, and that's hugely problematic. WotC, owned by Hasbro, has been plagued by controversies over the last few years, and this newest one is just another nail in their coffin. We're in a golden age of TTRPGs, with several new upstarts coming for them. I grew up on D&D, as did so many others, but I'm certainly looking at other systems.

Okay, signing off for now. In the next few weeks, I'll be giving details about the candles in our fist line - I can't wait!


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