Exhaustion sets in...

Exhaustion sets in...

...the last thing I planned on, but looking back, it's not really a surprise. Of course, the new shop puppy isn't making life any easier. The customers love her, and I do to, but she's got a knack for kicking me when I'm down ...

 Meanwhile, behind the screen

Getting sick sounds like a weird topic to cover, but as a small business just starting out, I think it's important to show the behind the scenes and even the personal parts of Packpizzle's.

So welcome to my week from hell, lol.

The hubby had started feeling sick it Friday night, so that was my first warning. Saturday he was pretty bad with chills & fever, body aches, etc. He took a covid test and it came back negative. Sunday he wasn't any better, and that's when I realized that I felt a little off too. By Sunday night I knew I caught his creeping crud.

Monday was officially hell day. We were both sick as dogs - speaking of dogs, we have 2. Velma's 2 years old & a sweetheart, no trouble at all. Lola is just over 5 months, and this puppy is rough. Housebreaking isn't going super smooth, she chews more than any other puppy we've ever had, and is just... a lot. Luckily she's cute as hell.

So to explain why Monday was so rough? Sick, high maintenance puppy, and pouring rain. Lola, the diva that she is, hates the rain, so trying to get her to go out to go to the bathroom was quite the task. Picture this: 7 am, pouring rain, and me sick as hell standing outside with a windbreaker (does anyone really own raincoats?) begging, literally begging Lola to go to the bathroom. It was a scene that played itself out 7 or 8 times over the course of the day. All I wanted to do was curl up on the couch under a blanket and sleep, but all the hubby & I could focus on, as much as we could focus on anything, was getting the damned dog to piss and shit outside. By the time the rain stopped around 9pm, I was a broken man.

Tuesday was, on the dog front, much better. Sunny, so we could leave the dog door open. Lola & Velma were in and out all day, happy as clams. The hubby was improved, but I was still deep in the sick. I must have slept 18 hours or more that day, and ate nothing. Hell, I hadn't eaten anything otehr than a piece of toast or two since Sunday. A scalding hot shower late in the day helped a lot, and I woke Wednesday definitely feeling better. I thought.

It turns out that while I was on the mend, I was also weak from hunger, even though I had no appetite. I put the dog out at 7 or so in the morning, and literally had to sit down, shaky and weak, after. The hubby made me some scrambled eggs and toast, but I couldn't manage more than 4-5 bites before feeling sick all over again.

I slept for most of the day again, and that seems to have done it. Maybe that little bit of breakfast was enough to kick things off. I woke up almost ravenous. At that point, the only thing that I wanted was McDonald's. Don't judge me!

But I've been slowly on the mend since then. Thursday I felt pretty good, though I still had to stop working midday, feeling weak. But I managed to get a bunch of orders out, so that's something.

Here we are on Friday, and I'm finally feeling almost normal. I've lost an entire work week, and I hate that so much. I'll try to make up at least a little tomorrow, but I don't want to push myself too hard. 

Monday it will be back to the workshop full force. I'm working up a new line of candles, with scents inspired by some classic TTRPG places - taverns, campsites, magical meadows, and more. I'm really excited with the early tests, and hope to launch in the next 6 weeks.

More, always more things on the horizon! I want to add magic to the world, and to the gaming tables of everyone who visits here!

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