Crafting New Magical Candle Scents

Crafting New Magical Candle Scents

...danger could be just outside the view of our campfire, or our nights spent at Dog Watch Tavern drinking and carrying on into the wee hours, and so many more. So many memories and these new candles will let me share them all!

 Meanwhile, behind the screen

I've started to work on the next line of candles - 'The Best of Times'. Every group of friends who have been in a D&D or TTRPG campaign know exactly what this means. These are the downtimes outside of combat, those moments of pure roleplay where you lose yourself in your characters and your stories. Combat gets your heart racing and your blood pumping, but the memories of tavern crawls, or of late night talks while out in the wilderness and taking the first watch? To me those are some of the most special moments in a game.

I'm planning on 5 new candles, with scents that will round out and compliment my existing lineup. Experimenting with scents is one of my favorite things to do - these are my starting points for this next line:

First Watch: A campfire and the first twinkling of the stars at night. I'm picturing something woody, with cedar or pine, and something crisp and bracing to get the feeling of the night air cooling.

Meadow Dawn: The opposite of First watch - the first rays of the sunlight hitting a grassy meadow. Heavy grass and a bit of floral, maybe a touch of lemon or other citrus for freshness.

Sea Storm: Ozone, ozone, ozone. Salty air, and something to add a slightly tropical/beachy feel. This will likely be the trickiest one.

Tavern Crawl: A beer scent is... tempting, but it won't work for a candle. I want pipe tobacco, a hint of whiskey and cognac - and something warm and cozy. A vanilla/wood base note of some sort, most likely.

Winter Fest: Part of me worries that this might feel too seasonal, but that could just be the name. I'm picturing Pine, maybe peppermint. Something crisp and cool. This one is the most unformed in my head, but it'll come together.

I'll be pushing the color changing wax for the 8 ounce candles - coloring the base wax before adding the color threads - a pale blue for First Watch with a purple color thread, for example. I'm exited to see how this next line turns out, and can't wait to get them out into the world(s) for you to have at your game table!


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