Packpizzle's Emporium is open!

Packpizzle's Emporium is open!

...The shop was ready, and the only reason to delay was my worries. But I'd worked too hard, and had faith in my products. These candles are the results of years of travels, and months of testing and experimenting. I know that when folks smell them, when they see the magic of the color changing wax? They'll be hooked.

I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but 'The Charmer'? I can't get enough of the scent. It's warm, with a hint of spice, totally seductive. It's the one I've placed by the door so when customers come in, it's the first thing they smell ...

 Meanwhile, behind the screen

I couldn't resist. I had the grand opening set for Sept. 15th, but... I couldn't resist.

I was mostly waiting on print materials - business cards, stickers, other odds & ends. Nothing that a few initial orders would miss. I'd long ago learned, though I still struggle with it, that waiting for things to be perfect just means that they'll never happen. What's the saying? "Perfection is the enemy of progress."

So I pulled the trigger, and opened the store. I'm still modifying & tweaking the website - truthfully a site like this is never done. But I'm really, really proud of it, and think it carries the spirit of Packpizzle's Emporium. The watercolor touched photos that make everything feel a little retro/vintage are a touch I really love. I think there's enough TTRPG style touches without it feeling to kitschy, and I'm... mostly happy with the writeups for things.

So we're open and orders are starting to come in. Getting 'found' is the toughest part. I'm running giveaways, sending candles to influencers & actual play groups that have impacted me, posting to get the brand name out there. I have to remind myself that this isn't a one shot, it's a long ass campaign - I'm planting seeds now that may not blossom for months.

I'm not resting on the creation front either - I'm already working up our next line of candles - 5, I think based on some of Pylonius' favorite places/moments. Tentatively I'll have 'Tavern Crawl', 'First Watch', 'Sea Storm', 'Dawn Meadow', and 'Winter Walk'. More on them in the coming weeks!

For now? Thank you - I hope the products I've made will bring a little magic into your worlds, and help you all tell your tales.


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