The Far Walker
The Far Walker
The Far Walker
The Far Walker
The Far Walker
The Far Walker

The Far Walker

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'The Far Walker' brings to mind travels through the lush, green feywilds. The bright, juicy scents of pear and agave blend with violet, hibiscus and the slightest hint of mossy earth for a truly ethereal scent. It will add an exotic aroma to your games.

Top Notes
bright, crispy Pear | fresh, sweet Agave

Middle Notes
romantic, soft Violet | green, floral Cherry Blossoms

Base Notes
earthy, woody Moss | exotic, damp Petrichor
(A special note: Petrichor is such an unusual scent - think of the smell of a sudden summer rain on dry earth and stone. We think it's truly magical.)

What all this means: The top notes (head notes) are the first thing you'll smell - the scents that initially draw you in. The middle notes, often called the heart notes, are full bodied and dominant. These are the longest lasting part of the scent. The base, or root notes are deep, complex, and help to ground and round out the fragrance.

  • 100% clean burning, sustainable soy wax.
  • Waxed cotton wick, no lead.
  • Our wax, wicks, fragrances, and containers are phthalate-free, paraben-free, and free of toxic ingredients on the California prop 65 list.
  • All of our candles are mixed, poured, labeled, and packaged by hand with loving care. Because of this, minor variations are not only expected, they are celebrated.
  • 3.5 oz tin
    ° 20+ hours of burn time - that's enough for 4 sessions!
    ° Tight sealing lid makes candle easy to transport.
  • 8 oz jar:
    ° 50+ hours of burn time - enough for 10 sessions, maybe more!
    ° Heavy duty recycled glass container & eco-friendly cork top.
    ° Wax magically changes color to a soft green as your candle burns.
    °  The unique way we add the color to our 8 ounce candles makes it impossible to tell exactly how strong or gentle the color change may be. Each candle will be different, and even different over its' lifetime. 
    ° We try our best to avoid it, but occasionally some of the color will bleed through the top or down the side, giving a glimpse of the magic inside.
  • Let your candle burn until the full surface has melted - a healthy melt pool will help it burn evenly for its full life.
  • For best results wicks should be trimmed to 1/4" before relighting.
  • Don't burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.
  • Don't leave a burning candle (or a shady goblin) unattended. Keep away from any flammable items, especially valuable spell scrolls.

As we ventured into the heart of the feywild woods, the air hummed with an unfamiliar vitality, carrying scents that promised to reveal secret wonders. The towering trees bore leaves in colors none of us had ever seen before - a vibrant tapestry that filtered the sunlight into kaleidoscopic patterns on the forest floor. Every step led us deeper into this extraordinary realm.

Emerging from the woods, we found ourselves standing on the edge of a meadow that stretched like a canvas of wildflowers beneath an expanse of the most brilliant cerulean blue sky. Blossoms of every conceivable color swayed in unison, a painter's palette brought to life by a gentle breeze. The feywilds never, ever disappointed.

If we had access to an owl or a teleport spell, we'd happily use it. Sadly we don't. But still, having to wait until you're about to pay to have any idea what shipping is going to cost? It's the worst. That's why we're opting for a flat shipping rate based on the size of your order. In almost every case we'll be absorbing at least a little bit of the cost, but it's worth it to us to have a clean, simple system that lets you know up front what the cost is.

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 2 reviews
          Deven Rue
          Sits on my desk

          As a cartographer, I thought I'd be cheeky and grab this but now it sits on my desk while I draw! Love it!

          The far walker candle has been so sweet and fragrant

          I got the smaller size, and I'm incredibly impressed with the copper tin-it's just so neat to have a tiny little container for cutesy things when the candle has finished burning. As for the scent itself, I love how refreshing and sweet it has made my home-like I'm traveling through the great outdoors. All in all, a neat thing to have every once in a while.